Thursday, May 18, 2017

EP 3 - The History of Dinah Lee


Created By: Barbara Estensen &
James Harmon Brown
Executive Producer: Dee Lynn
Written By: Casey Hutchison


At Randi and Frankie’s Apartment, in the Living Room, Frankie is sitting on the couch. He is watching a baseball game and drinking a beer. Then, Randi enters. She has her purse in one hand and the mail in the other. She sets her purse down and checks the mail.

FRANKIE: Hey, babe.


Randi throws the mail down on the table. Frankie then shuts off the TV.

FRANKIE: Okay. Tell me the truth. What’s wrong?

RANDI: What are you talking about?

FRANKIE: I can sense when something is wrong. What is it?

RANDI: (sighs) Well, let me put it this way. If I don’t start lighting a fire under my ass, my whole entire company is going to come crashing down.

At the Manhattan Mocha Cafe, Danny is sitting at a table. He is drinking an espresso and playing a game on his phone. Then, his phone rings. He sighs and takes the call.

DANNY: Hello, this is Danny. Hello?

All Danny hears is a static noise in the background.

DANNY: Hello? Hello? Is anyone there?

At the Soleito Home, in the Living Room, Tracy sets her handbag on the table. She then turns around to face Carla.

CARLA: You want to clear the air?

TRACY: Yes. Yes, I do.

CARLA: After all this time?

TRACY: I feel that it is only right.

CARLA: Alright. You feel that it is only right. So, where should we start? Should we start with you coming to the SoHo district. Or, should we start with your gold digging ways? Go ahead, Tracy. I’ll let you pick.

At the Urban Rooftop, which is a new trend setting restaurant, Angie and Jesse sit down at a table. Angie puts her purse right next to her.

ANGIE: It has been so long since we have had a night out.

JESSE: Yes it has been. I am so happy that I finally get a chance to take my beautiful wife out. You deserve it. You really do.

ANGIE: Well, thank you. And, I think you do to.

JESSE: By the way, Erica Kane called the house today.

ANGIE: Erica? I haven’t heard from her in awhile.

JESSE: Yeah. She said she just wanted to check in.

ANGIE: Well, that was nice of her. I’ll have to give her a call back. But, that will have to wait until tomorrow. I don’t want any interruptions.

JESSE: And, why is that?

Angie leans over to kiss Jesse.

ANGIE: I think you know why.

At the Johnson Home, in the Living Room, Steffi sits her cellphone on top of the files. She then walks back over to Brian.

BRIAN: So, who is this Dinah Lee lady?

STEFFI: I would say she’s a force to be reckon with.

BRIAN: Why would you say that?

STEFFI: She’s had a lot happen to her through the years. I’ll explain that later. Anyway, last time I heard of her, she had moved to Maine. She was married and had a child to take care of. But, now she’s divorced and that child is in college.

BRIAN: So, she has a lot of time on her hands, I take it?

STEFFI: You’d be right about that one.

Back at the Urban Rooftop, Angie and Jesse both are eating salads. Jesse is drinking a beer and Angie is having a glass of white wine.

JESSE: Can I ask you a serious question?

ANGIE: Of course you can.

JESSE: Do you miss Pine Valley?

ANGIE: I do from time to time. But, I am glad that we moved in. I will always consider Pine Valley home. But, I was being called somewhere else. I was being called to help people at another hospital. What about you?

JESSE: Same as you. I was also being called to help other people. It’s funny how things work out like that. It’s funny when you know it is time for the next phase in your life.

ANGIE: Well, enough about Pine Valley. I have a question for you.

JESSE: Do you now? Well, I would love to know just what that question is. So, go ahead, Doctor Hubbard. What’s up?

ANGIE: How would you like to ditch this place after our main course? We could go home and have dessert there. I’m sure we can find something yummy to have.

JESSE: (smiling) That seems good to me.

Back at Randi and Frankie’s Apartment, in the Living Room, Randi sits on the couch next to Frankie. She takes his beer and takes a big drink. She then sits it down.

FRANKIE: So, let me get this straight, if you don’t turn your company around, Danny is going to pull all of his investments?

RANDI: You’d be correct.

FRANKIE: Honey, I’m so sorry.

RANDI: (sighs) When we moved out here, I thought I was going to be successful. I thought that things were finally going to start looking up for us. Boy was I wrong.

FRANKIE: You listen to me. We all hit snags in the road. Life is never a clean cut journey. Things like this happen. You are the strongest woman I have ever known. I know that you can get through anything life throws at you. And, I’ll be there for you.

RANDI: Every step of the way?

FRANKIE: Every step of the way.

Back at the Johnson Home, in the Living Room, Steffi and Brian sit on the couch. Steffi begins to stack files and put them in a briefcase.

STEFFI: When I was living in Corinth, Dinah Lee was a name constantly being spread out through the town. She was married to this guy named Curtis. About 22 years ago, Curtis went insane. See, he was kidnapped by this guy named Dante. I guess Dante’s torture was too much for him to overcome. Him and Dinah ended up divorcing one another. Dinah moved on with this guy by the name of Trucker. However, Curtis wouldn’t let them be happy. Curtis started sending signs to Trucker that his former flame Trisha was alive.

BRIAN: Was she?

STEFFI: Yeah. She was.

BRIAN: Okay. Where does that put Dinah?

STEFFI: Well, Trisha wanted nothing to do with anyone. She even wrote a letter saying it was okay to move on. So, Trucker packed up Dinah and Christopher...and they moved to Maine.

BRIAN: And, you are just now getting back into contact?

STEFFI: Yes. I really hope she moves here. Dinah will know how to make my company successful. I just have to persuade her to stay for the long run. (sighs) Fingers crossed.

Back at the Soleito Home, in the Living Room, Carla moves closer to Tracy.

TRACY: You know, I have always known one thing to be true.

CARLA: Oh yeah? What is this one thing?

TRACY: We have a lot of history. Ever since I boarded a plane with my son Dillon, back in 1996, a timeline has started. A long and lengthy timeline.

CARLA: Tracy, will you do me a favor?

TRACY: Alright.

CARLA: When you find a permanent home to live in, here, please make sure that, home doesn’t have a large sum of debt that needs to be paid off.

TRACY: Ha, ha, ha. Very funny. Contrary to popular belief, I did love your father. In fact, I loved him very, very much. I think you know that.

CARLA: Tracy, don’t say you loved my father. At least don’t say it with a straight face. My god, you faked the measles, to get out of marrying him.

TRACY: Carla, I do hope you give things a chance. Give things a chance to repair. I left Port Charles. And, I did it in a good way. I made peace. I made peace with a lot of people. Then, I went to Amsterdam and made peace with a man I love. Now, I am here to make peace with you. I just hope that you can let peace be made.

CARLA: I guess only time will now.

TRACY: I guess you’re right.

Back at the Manhattan Mocha Cafe, Danny takes a sip of his coffee. Then, a young woman comes up to him. She is holding a coffee pot.

WOMAN: Would you like more coffee, sir?

DANNY: No. I’m fine. Thank you.

The woman smiles and walks off. Then, Danny’s phone rings.

DANNY: I wonder who it could be now.

Danny answers the phone call.

DANNY: This is Danny. Hello? (static noise) Hello? Look, I don’t know who you are. But, you better speak up right now. Right now!

Then, the person on the other line hangs up. Danny let’s out a sigh and hangs up his phone. He sets it on the table, next to the mug.

DANNY: Who the hell is calling me?

The camera zooms in on Danny’s face.

***FADE OUT***
***END OF EP. 3***


  1. OOh best episode yet! Loving it very much. Who is calling Danny and why? Do tell! lol Great job!

    1. Glad you enjoyed it! And thank you for the great comment!