Monday, May 15, 2017

EP 2 - Steffi Makes An Interesting Call


Created By: Barbara Estensen &
James Harmon Brown
Executive Producer: Dee Lynn
Written By: Casey Hutchison


At Max and Emma’s Loft, Emma enters the loft. She goes over the couch and throws her keys and purse down. Then, Max enters.

MAX: Hey, honey.

EMMA: Oh. Hey. I didn’t expect you to be home.

MAX: Yeah. I was sent home early. But, I start work early tomorrow.

EMMA: Oh sounds fun. I do as well.

MAX: Wait. Are you telling me you got the job?

EMMA: You bet I did.

At the Soleito Home, in the Living Room, Carla is drinking a glass of scotch. Then, there is a knock at the door. She takes her glass and walks to the door. Upon opening the door, Carla is so shocked that she drops her glass.

TRACY: It’s a little early to be drinking. Don’t ‘ya think?

CARLA: Tracy Angelica Quartermaine.

TRACY: In the flesh.

At the Johnson Home, in the Living Room, Steffi is sitting at the couch. She has papers and files scattered out on the table in front of her. She is also on her laptop. Then, Brian enters.

BRIAN: Alright, let’s go.

STEFFI: Excuse me?

BRIAN: To the park. You’ve been staring at that computer since we got back from the hospital. I think you need some fresh air.

STEFFI: An online store just doesn’t create itself. Plus, I’m expecting a call from someone. A very important call. A call that is going to be crucial to my company’s future.

BRIAN: You mind telling me who’s gonna call you?

STEFFI: Sorry, hubby. I can’t share that info with you.

BRIAN: Oh. Well, I’ll be at the park....shootin’ hoops.

STEFFI: Sounds good.

BRIAN: I love you.

STEFFI: Yeah. I love you too.

Brian sighs and walks off. Steffi begins to type on her computer.

At Morgan Fashions, in Randi’s Office, Randi is sitting on top of her desk. She is talking on her office phone. Danny enters and goes up to her.

RANDI: Look, I would love to talk more about me designing a dress for Adele to wear to the Grammy Awards. You have my number, so give me a call anytime. I just had a very important man come into my office, so I’m going to have to let you go. You have a good day too. Alright. Bye.

As Randi hangs up, she stands.

RANDI: Danny. Hi. What brings you by?

DANNY: Well, I was going to wait till tomorrow to tell you this. However, I don’t think what I’m about to tell you can wait any longer.

RANDI: Okay. You’re worrying me. What’s up?

DANNY: Randi, I saw your sales. They’re in the toilet. This company is hemorrhaging money. If things don’t start looking up, I’ll have no choice but to pull my investment from Morgan Fashions.

Back at Max and Emma’s Loft, in the Living Room, Max and Emma are now sitting on the couch. The two are splitting an ice cream sundae.

EMMA: You were right. This was the right way to celebrate.

MAX: When are you going to notice that I’m always right?

EMMA: (laughs) Let's not push it now.

MAX: I am so glad that we moved here.

EMMA: Me too. Things are working out for us.

MAX: Yes. Yes, they are.

EMMA: Plus, it is nice to no longer live in my parent’s home.

MAX: True that. And, I have to say, I don’t miss our old life at all.

EMMA: (laughs) I don’t either. Plus, I wouldn’t wanna be any place that doesn’t make you happy. I love you so much.

MAX: I love you too.

Emma and Max put the ice cream down and begin to kiss one another passionately. They then fall on the couch and begin to make love.

Back at Morgan Fashions, Randi goes up to her office door and shuts it. She then turns around and goes back up to Danny.

RANDI: Danny, you can’t do that.

DANNY: If sales don’t improve, I’ll have no choice.

RANDI: Danny, I’m trying. I really am. I just hired a new designer today. She shows so much promise. Plus, I am having someone fly all the way here to be the new face of this company. You can’t pull out just as things are about to take off.

DANNY: Look, Randi, I believe in you. If I didn’t, then I wouldn’t have invested three million dollars in you so far. However, my belief is fading. You need to show me why I believed in the first place.

RANDI: I will. I promise. My company is due for another fashion show soon. And, this one, will not disappoint. I promise you that.

DANNY: It better now. Because, if it does, I’ll have to disappoint you by no longer investing money into this thing you call a company.

RANDI: I understand.

DANNY: Good. By the way, I am intrigued to see what you do.

RANDI: I’m glad you’re intrigued. (to herself) I’m nervous as hell.

DANNY: Sorry. What was that?

RANDI: (smiling) Oh. Nothing. Hey, why don’t you say we grab a coffee? We can talk shop more. We can decide your investment future.

DANNY: Sounds good to me. Let’s do it.

Back at the Soleito Home, Tracy enters the home. Carla shuts the door.

CARLA: Sorry about the glass. The maid will get it. Let’s go into the living room.

Tracy and Carla walk into the living room.

TRACY: Well, I didn’t expect a hug but a smile would’ve been nice.

CARLA: You’re just gonna have to deal with the shocked look.

TRACY: Okay. I’ll take it.

CARLA: Tracy, I haven’t seen you in…

TRACY: 20 years.

CARLA: Exactly. So, what are you doing here?

TRACY: Well, I’m moving back to Manhattan.

CARLA: Okay. What brought you to my home first?

TRACY: Well, I think it is time that we should clear the air.

Back at the Johnson Home, in the Living Room, Steffi is now pacing the room. She retrieves her cellphone from her back pocket, dials, and puts it to her ear.

STEFFI: (on the phone) Hi. May I speak with your boss? Thanks. Hi, it’s me. Steffi. Look, I know you haven’t heard from me in years, but I need your help. How fast can you catch a plane to Manhattan? Oh great. So, I’ll be able to see you tomorrow? That’s wonderful. Thank you so much. Alright. Talk to you later. Bye.

Then, Brian enters.


STEFFI: Oh. (turning around) You’re back so soon?

BRIAN: Yeah. The court was busy today. Who was that?

STEFFI: That was the important call I was telling you about. Since this person will be on our doorstep tomorrow, I guess I better tell you who it is.

BRIAN: That’d be great.

STEFFI: I contacted somebody I used to know.

BRIAN: And who is this somebody?

STEFFI: Her name is Dinah Lee Mayberry.

The camera zooms in on Steffi’s smiling face.

***FADE OUT***
***END OF EP. 2***


  1. I like Max & Emma and can't wait to find out more about them and how they fit into the canvas. Dinah Lee's returning - yasss! Tracy and Carla's scenes were my favorite. They always played so well off of each other. Great job and once again, ty for making me EP! It's an honor to work with such a talented writer.

  2. You are the sweetest! And I cannot wait to see the work we do!