Wednesday, May 10, 2017

EP 1 - Welcome Back To The Big City!


Created By: Barbara Estensen &
James Harmon Brown
Written By: Casey Hutchison
Executive Producer: Casey Hutchison


At Morgan Fashions, in Randi’s Office, Randi is sitting at her desk. She is flipping through a binder of her past collections. She then leans back in her chair and sighs.

RANDI: (sighs) Five years...two fashion new ideas. Gosh, I just wish someone would find me someone who is fresh and innovative.

Then, her intercom buzzes. Randi presses the GREEN button.

MARGARET: (voice over) Mrs. Hubbard, I have a Emma Jenkins who would like to see you. She’s here to interview for the co-designer position.

RANDI: Send her in!

Randi takes her hand off the intercom button.

RANDI: Let’s hope she’s the one.

At the Manhattan Central Police Department, Jesse and Max enter the department. They walk through the department and into Jesse’s office.

JESSE: So, that is all I have to show you. Do you like the place?

MAX: I do. It has a great feeling to it.

JESSE: Good. Now, I know it isn’t what you're used to. As I understand it, you use to be an undercover agent. Is that right?

MAX: It is.

JESSE: Well, Max, I’m gonna give you a wise piece of advice. Find out how you can manage at this department. At my old department, back in Pine Valley, Pennsylvania, things were a lot smaller. I’ve had to make some adjustments. But, if I can do it, so can you.

At a National Airport, a woman exits from the gate. She is rolling a suitcase. She then goes over to a row of seats and takes a seat.

WOMAN: Well, that was a nice trip. However, I think I’m ready to call this place home. Seems like the right fit. Time to get back into my life here. This oughta be good.

The camera pans to the woman’s face. She is revealed to be………


At the Soleito Home, in the Living Room, Carla is talking on the phone.

CARLA: Honey, did you get the money your father and I sent you? Oh. Good. I want you to spend it wisely. Thank you for promising. Are you sure you have to go? Well, alright. Hey, I love you. You have a good rest of the college boy. (laughs) Bye, Marco.

Carla hangs up the phone. Danny enters.

DANNY: Hey, hon. Who was that?

CARLA: It was Marco. We just got to talking.

DANNY: About what?

CARLA: Well, I wanted to make sure he got the money we sent him. But, that isn’t the only thing that we talked about.

DANNY: What else did you discuss?

CARLA: He’s doing this parent investigation project. It is for his genealogy class. Anyway, he keeps asking me questions. Today, he asked me why we weren’t always together.

DANNY: Carla, there was a time when we weren’t too fond of one another. But, now, we’ve realized our true passion for one another.

CARLA: I know. I love you.

DANNY: I love you too.

CARLA: Now, if you thought that was scary, you’ll never believe what he asked me next. In fact, it kind of shocks me a little bit.

DANNY: What did he ask you about?

CARLA: He asked me about the well known mob activity in this family.

At the Johnson Home, Steffi and Brian enter. They then walk into the living room. Steffi walks up to a small bar cart. She pours herself a cup of coffee. She then drinks it quickly.

BRIAN: Okay. I think you better slow down. Isn’t that like your third cup today? You know you’ve only been up since six.

STEFFI: I know that, honey. But, I need these boosts of energy. After all, we’ve had quite the busy day so far. First, we developed honeymoon photos, then we got the dry cleaners to bag my wedding dress, and we’ve been told by a doctor that I can’t get pregnant. Isn’t today great!

At Mercy General, Angie and Frankie step off of the elevator. They then go over to the vending machines. Angie pulls out quarters and puts them into the machine.

ANGIE: Do you want a sticky bun?

FRANKIE: Nope. I’m good, mom.

Angie’s sticky bun comes out of the vending machine. She takes it. Her and Frankie begin to walk to the main desk, to file charts.

ANGIE: Thanks for helping me get that drunk guy out of here.

FRANKIE: It was my pleasure. That’s the third time this guy has been in here in four days. I’ve tried to pump him full of fluids. I’ve tried to make him…

ANGIE: Realize he’s an alcoholic?


ANGIE: Honey, I’ve been a doctor for a very long time. Let me tell you what I’ve learned, it is best to stay out of things. Mr. Coleman will get better when he wants to. For now, our job is to make sure he stays hydrated. Now, enough about him. Tell me about you. How is the adoption process for you and Randi coming along?

Back at the Manhattan Central Police Department, in Jesse’s Office, Jesse pours two cups of coffee. He hands one to Max and keeps one for himself.

MAX: Thank you very much.

JESSE: No problem, Max. So, now that the official part of the day is over, why don’t we get to know one another a little better?

MAX: Sounds good to me.

JESSE: You already know that work brought my wife, my child, his wife, and myself to this lovely city. However, I don’t know what brought you here.

MAX: I would say work as well. For the longest time, I had wanted to leave the undercover operations behind. And, my wife, Emma wanted to pursue her fashion career more. You can’t really do that from where we’re from.

JESSE: Where are you and your wife from?

MAX: Illinois. It isn’t exactly the fashion capitol of anything.

JESSE: Well, I wish your wife much success. And, I wish you success at this department. I hope you guys do well in life.

MAX: Thanks, Chief.

JESSE: You’re welcome.

Jesse and Max both take a drink of their coffee.

Back at Morgan Fashions, in Randi’s Office, Randi is looking over Emma’s resume and some practice designs. Emma sits nervously across from her.

RANDI: Well, these designs are very good. They are also very modern and slick. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything quite like them.

EMMA: Thank you very much. I pride myself on my work.

RANDI: Don’t we all?

EMMA: Yes. Of course.

RANDI: I see that you studied at the New York Fashion Institute?

EMMA: That’s correct. I studied there for six years.

RANDI: Wow. Long time. You must’ve learned a lot.

EMMA: I did. It helped me almost reach my dream.

RANDI: What is your dream?

EMMA: I want to be on a season of Project Runway.

RANDI: Wow. Gosh, I just love your ambition.

EMMA: Thank you.

RANDI: Emma, can I tell you something?

EMMA: Yeah. Yes. Sure. Of course.

RANDI: You remind me a whole lot of a mentor that I used to have. Mrs. Cartwright…my mentor...she was just like you. She was fresh. Constantly on top of trends. She was everything I wanted to be. A designer like that, doesn’t come along very often. In fact, designers like Mrs. Cartwright come along once in a blue moon.

EMMA: What does all of this mean?

RANDI: It means that you remind me of Mrs. Cartwright. It means that I think of you as one of those designers. (smiling/laughing) It means you got the job.

Back at the Johnson Home, in the Living Room, Steffi sets her mug down. She then walks over to the couch and sits. Brian sits next to her.

BRIAN: Steffi, we will get through this. It is just a small hiccup.

STEFFI: Brian, I want a child with you. I want a little baby to call our own. I just want us to be so happy and in love with a child.

BRIAN: I want that too. However, now just doesn’t seem to be the right time. I promise you this. One day, the time will come. We will have a matter what.

STEFFI: I hope you’re right. I really do.

BRIAN: Come here, my love.

Steffi lays on Brian’s chest.

BRIAN: Everything will be just fine.

STEFFI: You promise?

BRIAN: Of course I do.

Back at Mercy General, Frankie and Angie are walking down a hallway. Angie throws away her sticky bun wrapper. The two continue walking.

FRANKIE: The adoption process is going well. Randi and I are one step closer to getting a baby from Africa. We are so excited.

ANGIE: (laughs) I bet you are. I can’t wait to spoil that child.

FRANKIE: I had a feeling you were gonna say that.

ANGIE: What can I say? I love children. Gosh, it seems like only yesterday that you came into my life. I don’t know where the time has gone.

FRANKIE: It does seem like yesterday. It seems like only yesterday that God gave me the best mom on this entire planet.

ANGIE: You are too sweet. Now, let’s go see if our guy is back.

FRANKIE: (laughs) So soon?

ANGIE: Well, you never know what’s going to walk into the ER.

FRANKIE: That’s true.

Angie and Frankie walk off.

Back at the Soleito Home, in the Living Room, Carla puts the phone back on the hook. She then walks back over to Danny.

DANNY: Does our son not know that this family isn’t involved in any mob activity anymore? Did he not get the memo?

CARLA: That’s what I keep saying to me. Ever since I became the last original Soleito family member, I’ve gotten all mob activity abolished from this home.

DANNY: I just want you to be careful. Of course you can’t reveal everything to him. Hell, you haven’t even revealed everything to me.

CARLA: I know. I just hope that he drops it.

DANNY: I do too. Look, I have a lunch meeting to run off to.

CARLA: Is the meeting for your new company?

DANNY: Yes, it is. I should be home in a couple of hours.

CARLA: Alright. I love you.

DANNY: I love you too.

Danny kisses Carla on the cheek. As he exits, Carla goes back over to the phone. She picks the phone up off the hook, dials, and puts it to her ear.

CARLA: Hi. It’s me. Look, I need you to get that shipment of cocaine to that Martinez family ASAP. The last thing I need is the Don to be mad at me.

In a Limo, Tracy is sitting in the backseat. She is having a glass of champagne. She is also eating mini-finger sandwiches.

TRACY: (sighs) It is so nice to finally be able to make a life for myself outside of Port Charles. I just wonder what the future holds.

Then, Tracy’s driver looks in the mirror.

DRIVER: Where to, Miss?

TRACY: Take me to 4636 Willow Drive.

DRIVER: Carla Soleito’s home?

TRACY: That’s right.

Tracy sits back. The camera zooms in on her smiling face.

***FADE OUT***
***END OF EP. 1***

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  1. Yay! The City is back. I love the show so much and your version is off to a great start. Love the return of Carla and that Tracy is going right to see her ex-stepdaughter. I wonder if Johnny Zacchara will show up in this at some point Remember he is Gino's biological son per GH canon, making him Carla's adoptive brother.

    Keep up the good work!